Harlan journalist who reported on the Kayla Massingale case gets new job out of Harlan

Does anyone think it is a Coincidence that Emily Perkins the reporter that caused a stink in Harlan County with her reporting on Kayla Massingale suddenly gets a new job out of harlan???

In my opinion the powers that be in Harlan county wants the Kayla Massingale case to die a slow death on the desks of law enforcement. If you want a case to die in Harlan just say no foul play expected and allow the autopsy which is public record be drug out over months.

Emily Perkins is a good reporter and had the gumption to stir up the stank in Harlan over a case We wish her the best and hope she still repots on the Kayla Massingale case.
In these last events we apply akums razor.

What is applying Occam’s razor?
When an event occurs, it’s natural to wonder how it happened. Occam’s razor indicates that the simplest explanation — that is, the solution that requires the fewest assumptions — is preferable.


People of interest the community thinks may have information in the Kayla Massingale case.

As the case of Kayla Massingale remains hush hush and very little is known people of  Harlan county are saying there are some people of interest that may have more information on the Kayla Massingale case. These names have been floating around Harlan county since Kayla Massingale was found unresponsive and later was pronounced dead people of harlan think these people should be questioned by police and either ruled in or out . These are the people of interest Holden Williams, Josh Shanks, misty Williams and a juvenile whos name cannot be mentioned.

Disclaimer no suspects have been named by police and any person is presumed innocent until found guilty in court of law.

Update on the Kayla Massingale case

As reported by a family member using the Kentucky State Police as a source Kayla Massingale was seen on video exiting the back seat of her car and walking away from the car on a local store video.

This leads to many other questions who was driving her car who was she with where did she go after exiting the car using the names of who she was with or where she went to is not slander or against any law it is merely seeking facts in a case.

So we got banned from Justice for Kayla Facebook group here are the reasons why.

We were trying to find out the truth asking for tips from the public majority of people say they want justice for Kayla but really all they want to do is rant and rave about this and that and no one is looking for answers .

If anyone starts to ask questions and or looking for answers they are shut down my advice to those really looking for Justice for Kayla is keep asking questions keep digging because in the end that is the only way the truth will come out.

Exactly what are the Kentucky State police investigating in the Kayla Massingale case.

All we have to go on is the press release from September 20th  ((

HARLAN COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) – KSP announced the opening of a death investigation for a Harlan County woman on Monday.

Kayla Massingale was originally found unresponsive in the Coldiron Community on August 27.

She was found by officers from Kentucky State Police Post 10 and transported to Harlan Appalachian Regional Hospital, before being taken to Hazard ARH later on.

She was originally listed as a “Jane Doe” but was identified as Massingale later. She was pronounced dead on September 2.

After an autopsy, no foul play is suspected.

Police say an unrelated investigation involving Massingale was reported in August and is still ongoing.

So lets break this down to where a fifth grader could understand it it took 20 days or more  for them to even open an investigation them they say no foul play is suspected then what are they investigating sounds to me like they are trying to appease the public.

Lets see they say there will be no autopsy report for two months or more but yet they based their no foul play suspected on the autopsy something don’t sound right to me.

To the good people of Coldiron

There are people in Coldiron  that knows who Kayla Massingale was with on the day and night she was found unresponsive you owe it to your community to come forward . As of today the rumors are running rampant  with the truth hidden within.

I have traveled through Coldiron There is no way nobody knows who Kayla was with that day and night there are too many eyes from US119 to cliff Branch road. Like I have said if you want to say something and remain  anonymous simply go to the website click on report news  and use a fake name and email address.

We pretty much have determined where Kayla’s car is it is either in the junk yard or hidden somewhere. I think more important than her car was her cell phone common sense would tell you she would not have walked up cliff branch road with out her phone. Who ever has that phone is who she was with that day or night.

If the police were interested they could get the phone records and see where that phone pinged that whole day and night after she had been found . The only thing we can do at this point is to ask the good people of Coldiron to step up come forward   and say what they know.

Religious nut cases were wrong then and are wrong now.

In rural America there is a church every few miles and they are of different denominations but their basic  teachings are along the same line. Shall we examine some of those teachings of 30 years ago and some are still taught today.  These are some of the teachings that could send you to hell they said.

Women Wearing pants, watching tv, listening to any music other than Religious music, sex out of wedlock, Going to the movies, tattoos of any form, men having long hair, women having short hair,  interracial marriage, not paying church  tithes, Drinking a beer, some teachings even a soda pop, using contraceptives,  Women wearing jewelry, Women who did not obey their husbands, Women who wore anything but long dresses, playing bingo or any game of chance, having a child out of wedlock.

These are just a few of the teachings the real list is much longer these teachers and preachers had it wrong then and their off spring who is teaching and preaching today have it wrong now. It is clear from a simple deduction their goal was to control the masses and that tactic continues today.

Cranks Creek KY then and now series part one.

Cranks Creek is a small community that has never been incorporated why means no mayor so on and so forth. Cranks Creek in its hay day was a bustling little community with a grade school one store which doubled as a post office and one little restaurant. The boundary of Cranks creek is from the top of Crummies mountain to the Virginia line.

The majority of jobs in Cranks Creek were coal mining jobs there was some farming and very few tobacco field. Most of the mines in Cranks were what we call dog hole mines they were own by locals and employed fifteen miners or less the bigger mine companies did not move in till the late 80s and 90s. These dog hole mines paid low wages with no health insurance or pensions.

One of he pioneers to mining in Cranks Creek was Elihu Bailey in the 1950s he moved to the head of what is now called Cranks Creek hollow and lived in a tent. Elihu would go on to run a number of mines for local owners. Local folk lore was told that Elihu moved so much his chickens knew when he was going to move so they laid down and stuck their feet in the air so they could be tied and moved easily.

Back in the early days of Cranks Creek it was shut off from the outside towns and rail ways so the men of Cranks Creek got together and hand built a wagon road from what is now called troublesome to rose hill Virginia which connected to the rail head in Virginia . To this day the road exist and at the top of the mountain a hand chiseled tunnel remain through the cliff rock.

This is part one of a series On Cranks Creek history then and now.

Harlan Kentucky A poor county and poorly educated.

About 27% of Harlan students drop out of school about 25.8% have less than a high school education. 34% has at least a high school education. 27% has some college or associates degree. about 10.8% has a bachelors degree. About 2% has no education at all.

Residents with income below the poverty level in 2019: Harlan: 43.8% Whole state: 16.3% Residents with income below 50% of the poverty level in 2019: Harlan: 16.5% Whole state: 7.0% Poverty rate among disabled males: Harlan: 37.7% Kentucky: 21.3% Disability rate in this city among poor males (it is 30.2% among male residents who are not classified as poor): Harlan: 44.3% Kentucky: 37.6% Poverty rate among disabled females: Harlan: 44.2% Kentucky: 25.9% Disability rate in this city among poor females (it is 31.3% among female residents who are not classified as poor): Harlan: 48.0% Kentucky: 36.0% Renting rate in this city among poor and not poor residents: Residents below poverty level: 84.4% Residents above poverty level: 30.8%

Read more: https://www.city-data.com/poverty/poverty-Harlan-Kentucky.html

Breakdown by age of poor male residents in Harlan,KY (percentage below poverty level) 60.4%Under 5 years 68.1%6 to 11 years 40.0%12 to 14 years 0.0%15 years 45.5%16 and 17 years 0.0%18 to 24 years 40.8%25 to 34 years 42.3%35 to 44 years 35.3%45 to 54 years 33.3%55 to 64 years 38.6%65 to 74 years 23.6%75 years and over

Read more: https://www.city-data.com/poverty/poverty-Harlan-Kentucky.html

Breakdown by age of poor female residents in Harlan,KY (percentage below poverty level) 94.0%Under 5 years 100.0%5 years 58.0%6 to 11 years 10.0%12 to 14 years 0.0%16 and 17 years 56.0%18 to 24 years 69.0%25 to 34 years 53.0%35 to 44 years 5.0%45 to 54 years 43.0%55 to 64 years 45.0%65 to 74 years 52.0%75 years and over

Read more: https://www.city-data.com/poverty/poverty-Harlan-Kentucky.html

Children below poverty level: Harlan, Kentucky: 51.4% State: 21.3% Poverty rate among high school graduates not in families: Harlan: 33.5% Kentucky: 20.4% Poverty rate among people who did not graduate high school not in families: Harlan: 67.0% Kentucky: 45.9%

Read more: https://www.city-data.com/poverty/poverty-Harlan-Kentucky.html