Harlan journalist who reported on the Kayla Massingale case gets new job out of Harlan

Does anyone think it is a Coincidence that Emily Perkins the reporter that caused a stink in Harlan County with her reporting on Kayla Massingale suddenly gets a new job out of harlan???

In my opinion the powers that be in Harlan county wants the Kayla Massingale case to die a slow death on the desks of law enforcement. If you want a case to die in Harlan just say no foul play expected and allow the autopsy which is public record be drug out over months.

Emily Perkins is a good reporter and had the gumption to stir up the stank in Harlan over a case We wish her the best and hope she still repots on the Kayla Massingale case.
In these last events we apply akums razor.

What is applying Occam’s razor?
When an event occurs, it’s natural to wonder how it happened. Occam’s razor indicates that the simplest explanation — that is, the solution that requires the fewest assumptions — is preferable.