Other rape cases like Kayla Massingale case has been reported.

Victim one reported she was raped by more than one person but only knew one of the alleged rapist. A witness to the event with police  made this statement (((((( I happened to be there when victim one led  the police to one of the rapists . The state police yelled across the road at the commissary did you rape this girl . No it was a party she was high . Ok thank you investigation closed .

Victim two has reported a rape that happened in  Cumberland  a rape kit was taken but yet the majority of Harlan county is not even aware of the cases we mention here. This seems to be a pattern if a female is at a party where drugs are being used they are subject to being raped.

There seems to be a pattern here unconscious females  are being raped then the police write it off.   I would venture to say there are many other cases that go unreported. There seems to be a consensus that if a female is at a party where drugs are used and or she is high then she is fair game for rape.

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