What Kayla Massingale believed happened to her before she died.

  • Kayla believed she was going to be killed as she referred to them as they not he or she.
  • Kayla believed she was drugged and even asked HARH to check her blood work for the drugs used to drug her.
  • Kayla told her mom she had been raped.
  • Kayla believed she had been raped because of the amount of fluid she had discharged and blood was noted.
  • Kayla was informed by her mother there may have been more than one rapist.
  • Kayla could not fully remember who raped her but gave a name of who she thought assaulted her and who she was with at a party.
  • Kayla spoke of someone close to her that she believes watched the rape take place.
  • Kayla was so convinced she was going to be killed she wanted a gun.
    source Harlan Daily Enterprise

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