Harlan County has a huge Meth problem

No matter what town city or community you live in meth is there A few weeks ago I decided to drive the little shepherd trail from pine mountain to Cumberland and come back home on four twenty one.

As I traveled home  I saw three what we call meth zombies they were stumbling around with no method or directions as to where they were going this was very sad and hard to look at in our beautiful county.

The crime rate is directly tied to the meth use in our county they will steal rob and what ever it takes to get that next shot or smoke of meth.  The sad thing is every person in harlan either knows someone on meth or has a friend that knows someone on meth.

I have seen these beautiful young women two years ago that now look like a walking skeleton face sunk in lost lots of weight and teeth rotting out and jaws sunk in  with their only goal in life is to score more meth some will even sell their bodies for a gram of meth.

Children with a meth addict parent are suffering and are neglected the only goal of a meth addict is to find that high for that day even if it is taking food from the family or neglecting daily needs. My friends we are in trying times and I hope we can eradicate this devil meth from our midst before we lose a whole generation.

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