To the good people of Coldiron

There are people in Coldiron  that knows who Kayla Massingale was with on the day and night she was found unresponsive you owe it to your community to come forward . As of today the rumors are running rampant  with the truth hidden within.

I have traveled through Coldiron There is no way nobody knows who Kayla was with that day and night there are too many eyes from US119 to cliff Branch road. Like I have said if you want to say something and remain  anonymous simply go to the website click on report news  and use a fake name and email address.

We pretty much have determined where Kayla’s car is it is either in the junk yard or hidden somewhere. I think more important than her car was her cell phone common sense would tell you she would not have walked up cliff branch road with out her phone. Who ever has that phone is who she was with that day or night.

If the police were interested they could get the phone records and see where that phone pinged that whole day and night after she had been found . The only thing we can do at this point is to ask the good people of Coldiron to step up come forward   and say what they know.

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