Did the Kentucky State Police drop the ball in the Kayla Massingale case

(COLDIRON, Ky. (WTVQ) – The death of a 31-year-old Harlan, Ky., woman is being investigated by the Kentucky State Police, but troopers say they don’t suspect foul play.)

Here is the thing once a police department determines there has been no crime and or foul play there is no investigation that continues.

(Following an autopsy, no foul play is suspected in Massingale’s death, according to the KSP.)
Again here is the thing an autopsy is a public  record open to anyone that wants it and if the Kentucky State police had a preliminary autopsy report why was it not made public in conjunction with Kentucky law.

Here is where things get confusing one a determination of death is determined such as homicide, accidental, natural, or suicide, unknown. In most cases if the cause of death is other than unknown a  preliminary autopsy report is released to police and to the public.

If the cause of death is unknown there usually is a long drawn out process waiting for the Toxicology report. In this case there is no doubt the injuries and physical condition of the body has been documented. The only part of the autopsy that could remain is the Toxicology report and that is where they get the autopsy could take months.

There is a lot more I could comment on but not knowing some of the facts like was she half dressed and other things when they found her I can not comment further at this time.



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