Other rape cases like Kayla Massingale case has been reported.

Victim one reported she was raped by more than one person but only knew one of the alleged rapist. A witness to the event with police  made this statement (((((( I happened to be there when victim one led  the police to one of the rapists . The state police yelled across the road at the commissary did you rape this girl . No it was a party she was high . Ok thank you investigation closed .

Victim two has reported a rape that happened in  Cumberland  a rape kit was taken but yet the majority of Harlan county is not even aware of the cases we mention here. This seems to be a pattern if a female is at a party where drugs are being used they are subject to being raped.

There seems to be a pattern here unconscious females  are being raped then the police write it off.   I would venture to say there are many other cases that go unreported. There seems to be a consensus that if a female is at a party where drugs are used and or she is high then she is fair game for rape.

What Kayla Massingale believed happened to her before she died.

  • Kayla believed she was going to be killed as she referred to them as they not he or she.
  • Kayla believed she was drugged and even asked HARH to check her blood work for the drugs used to drug her.
  • Kayla told her mom she had been raped.
  • Kayla believed she had been raped because of the amount of fluid she had discharged and blood was noted.
  • Kayla was informed by her mother there may have been more than one rapist.
  • Kayla could not fully remember who raped her but gave a name of who she thought assaulted her and who she was with at a party.
  • Kayla spoke of someone close to her that she believes watched the rape take place.
  • Kayla was so convinced she was going to be killed she wanted a gun.
    source Harlan Daily Enterprise

Harlan County has a huge Meth problem

No matter what town city or community you live in meth is there A few weeks ago I decided to drive the little shepherd trail from pine mountain to Cumberland and come back home on four twenty one.

As I traveled home  I saw three what we call meth zombies they were stumbling around with no method or directions as to where they were going this was very sad and hard to look at in our beautiful county.

The crime rate is directly tied to the meth use in our county they will steal rob and what ever it takes to get that next shot or smoke of meth.  The sad thing is every person in harlan either knows someone on meth or has a friend that knows someone on meth.

I have seen these beautiful young women two years ago that now look like a walking skeleton face sunk in lost lots of weight and teeth rotting out and jaws sunk in  with their only goal in life is to score more meth some will even sell their bodies for a gram of meth.

Children with a meth addict parent are suffering and are neglected the only goal of a meth addict is to find that high for that day even if it is taking food from the family or neglecting daily needs. My friends we are in trying times and I hope we can eradicate this devil meth from our midst before we lose a whole generation.

People of interest the community thinks may have information in the Kayla Massingale case.

As the case of Kayla Massingale remains hush hush and very little is known people of  Harlan county are saying there are some people of interest that may have more information on the Kayla Massingale case. These names have been floating around Harlan county since Kayla Massingale was found unresponsive and later was pronounced dead people of harlan think these people should be questioned by police and either ruled in or out . These are the people of interest Holden Williams, Josh Shanks, misty Williams and a juvenile whos name cannot be mentioned.

Disclaimer no suspects have been named by police and any person is presumed innocent until found guilty in court of law.

Update on the Kayla Massingale case

As reported by a family member using the Kentucky State Police as a source Kayla Massingale was seen on video exiting the back seat of her car and walking away from the car on a local store video.

This leads to many other questions who was driving her car who was she with where did she go after exiting the car using the names of who she was with or where she went to is not slander or against any law it is merely seeking facts in a case.

Trump’s rural America not as bad ass as they claim.

I live in  Harlan  a ruby red Trump county they claim they want to clean up the government when they don’t even have the nerve to clean up their own communities.  They allow a few drug deals and junkies  run rough shod over their communities while they cower in fear.

They buy their guns in bulk not for protection but because it makes them feel better about themselves.  The hide behind their computers and cell phones and they are loud and you would think they are a one bad asses. But let something bad happen in their communities and watch how fast they crawl back in their shells not to be heard from .

Harlan detention center is nothing but a revolving door for junkies drug dealers and thugs. My advice to rural America until you are ready to clean up your own back yard and communities don’t be trying to tell us you are going to make America great again because you are lying out your teeth .

So we got banned from Justice for Kayla Facebook group here are the reasons why.

We were trying to find out the truth asking for tips from the public majority of people say they want justice for Kayla but really all they want to do is rant and rave about this and that and no one is looking for answers .

If anyone starts to ask questions and or looking for answers they are shut down my advice to those really looking for Justice for Kayla is keep asking questions keep digging because in the end that is the only way the truth will come out.

Exactly what are the Kentucky State police investigating in the Kayla Massingale case.

All we have to go on is the press release from September 20th  ((

HARLAN COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) – KSP announced the opening of a death investigation for a Harlan County woman on Monday.

Kayla Massingale was originally found unresponsive in the Coldiron Community on August 27.

She was found by officers from Kentucky State Police Post 10 and transported to Harlan Appalachian Regional Hospital, before being taken to Hazard ARH later on.

She was originally listed as a “Jane Doe” but was identified as Massingale later. She was pronounced dead on September 2.

After an autopsy, no foul play is suspected.

Police say an unrelated investigation involving Massingale was reported in August and is still ongoing.

So lets break this down to where a fifth grader could understand it it took 20 days or more  for them to even open an investigation them they say no foul play is suspected then what are they investigating sounds to me like they are trying to appease the public.

Lets see they say there will be no autopsy report for two months or more but yet they based their no foul play suspected on the autopsy something don’t sound right to me.

The two investigations of the Kayla Massingale case.

We will address the rape case first there is very little public facts to this part of the investigation other than the police are investigating and she reported the rape and in her statement she claims the assailant lives on highway 413.

The second investigation is the death of Kayla Massingale  and we are not even sure the police are investigating this part.  There is some circumstantial evidence the two investigations may not even be connected this is why it is a must to know who she was with the day and night she was found unresponsive.

I think by combining the two investigations it is hindering finding out who she was with that day and night. When we can find out who she was with then some serious questions can be asked and this case will be cracked wide open.