Religious nut cases were wrong then and are wrong now.

In rural America there is a church every few miles and they are of different denominations but their basic  teachings are along the same line. Shall we examine some of those teachings of 30 years ago and some are still taught today.  These are some of the teachings that could send you to hell they said.

Women Wearing pants, watching tv, listening to any music other than Religious music, sex out of wedlock, Going to the movies, tattoos of any form, men having long hair, women having short hair,  interracial marriage, not paying church  tithes, Drinking a beer, some teachings even a soda pop, using contraceptives,  Women wearing jewelry, Women who did not obey their husbands, Women who wore anything but long dresses, playing bingo or any game of chance, having a child out of wedlock.

These are just a few of the teachings the real list is much longer these teachers and preachers had it wrong then and their off spring who is teaching and preaching today have it wrong now. It is clear from a simple deduction their goal was to control the masses and that tactic continues today.

You are and get what you vote for.

My friends the above meme says it all these poor southern states and counties are getting what they vote for. There is an old saying keep do what you are and you will keep getting what you are getting. I think the time has come instead of going backwards we need to go forward to do this we need to defeat republicans at the state local and federal levels and take away their power.

For all practical purposes roe v wade has been overturned in Texas it is clear the supreme court has chosen states rights over our constitution. The time is now to stop the minority republican power grab before we find ourselves in another civil war the ball is now in our court.